To get that perfect vintage look it’s all about the lace, colours and antique details. Styling these in such as way that it creates an aged but timeless look to your wedding.


Any venue can be styled into vintage look with the right accessories. First you need to choose what type of vintage you are going for, vintage garden, romance vintage, vintage glam etc. Once you have decided on your vintage theme things will start to fall into place. An outside wedding venue would suit the vintage garden look as you can decorate with ‘just picked’ flowers for example to create that vintage garden style that you are looking for.

Your flowers

Your flowers will be the accessory that will create the look of the bridal party so you need to choose flowers that will show your vintage style. Loose bundles of pastel wild flowers, baby’s breath, heather and roses arrangements gives the look of a more romantic and timeless vintage look. Flowers with Brooch accessories will give the impression of a more vintage glam look. So it is important that you pick the right blooms to accent your weddings style.

The grooms’ men

To really show your vintage style throughout why not use an antique design for the grooms’ men Boutonnieres, such as a vintage brooch. This would give a really impressive vintage style.

Table decorations

The natural colour palette looks stunning with a vintage style wedding. Use ivory, beige and silver together with pastel colours such as light pinks and blues would really suit your vintage wedding decor. Floral table decorations are a perfect match for a vintage wedding. Wild flowers in pastel coloured bottles for example would look stunning as your centrepieces.


Your invitations are an important part of your guests wedding experience. They give your guests an idea of the sort of style at which you are going for, so it is important that you give the right impression. Use your imagination when it comes to your invitations, ensuring that you keep to the vintage style that you are look for. Use a background pastel colour with ivory or silver lace details for example.