Ok, so you have chosen artificial flowers and you have now chose the artificial bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, it’s time for the artificial buttonholes and corsages. Choosing the right buttonholes and corsages can be quite the task. Typically a buttonhole is 1-2 Flowers and the corsages are usually 2-3 flowers, depending on the size of the flowers that have been used within your bridal bouquet.

The Buttonholes and Corsages are usually based on the design of the bride’s bouquet, this way all of the flowers tie into each other creating that high end look.
Once you have an idea of the flowers that are being used then the extras can be added to give the Buttonholes and Corsages a little more sparkle, such as diamanté pins, sprays and ribbon.

Male artificial buttonholes are worn on the left side of the shoulder, close to their hearts. The Buttonholes should come with a pin or with magnets. If the artificial buttonhole comes with a pin, slide the pin through the back of the buttonhole and then weave it through the men’s jacket.

Ladies Corsages are typically worn a little differently, but this is entirely your choice. Usually the ladies Corsage is worn with the flowers facing downwards and the stem upwards on a slight slant. Same as the men’s buttonhole the corsage can be pinned on or magnets can be used if they are already made into the Corsage.

Things to consider:

The focal flower used in the Bouquets.
The colours of your wedding theme.

It is extremely important that you match the buttonholes with your colour scheme and flowers used in the other bouquets, otherwise if your buttonholes and corsages don’t match this would look really horrible and would stand out in your wedding photos.

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