What are brooch bouquets?

Don’t you just love brooch bouquets? They bring edge, sparkle and sophistication to any wedding day. Not only that you can keep them forever!

Brooch Bouquets are so sparkly and full of personality. You can add any piece of jewellery that has meaning to you like your grandmothers necklace for example. The love for your items of jewellery and brooches are what create the perfect Bridal bouquet to show off on your big day.  All Brooch bouquets can be created to suit your theme and personality. Personally I think that Brooch Bouquets have more of a meaning and resemblance on your wedding day than any fresh flower bouquet. Be different and give that “WOW” factor.

Creating your own brooch bouquet

Creating your own brooch bouquet cannot get any easier all you need is a bunch of brooches; you could do this by asking members of family or just buy them online. Try and incorporate the brooches into your wedding day by sticking to a certain amount of colours or primary colour, you don’t want the bouquet to end up looking messy. Grab yourself some florist wire, tape and some pliers and start creating. Brooch bouquets need a lot of patience to ensure that you get it right.

Jewelled bouquets contain less brooches and more silk flowers, giving your bouquet the wow factor but with more sophistication.  Creating your shape with the flowers firstly then adding your accessories for that extra sparkle; weaving the brooches in-between the petals gives the bouquet a stunning look.

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