Who doesn’t want a bouquet that lasts a lifetime? Artificial flowers can be kept as a keepsake and hold those precious memories of your wedding day that you want to remember for a lifetime. You can display them, frame them or just box them away.

Artificial flowers have come a long way and can look incredibly realistic, most people wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between artificial flowers and fresh flowers.  The attention to detail of artificial wedding flowers is nothing short of astonishing; even the professional florists have been fooled by these amazingly realistic designs.  Not only that artificial flowers will last the full day and will look as beautiful as they did when you received them as they do not wilt unlike fresh flowers, there would be nothing worse that carrying around a limp, dying Bouquet.  Artificial flowers are the way forward and are giving fresh flowers some serious competition.

Artificial flowers are always in season, you can have whatever type of flowers you want, whatever the season. A lot of brides find themselves disappointed when they visit their florist and are told that the flowers that they had dreamt of are not in season and won’t be available, making the bride change her entire look of her wedding. Having artificial wedding flowers on your wedding will stop these seasonal restrictions that you have with fresh flowers as you can have any type of flower all year long.

Allergic to pollen or you suffer from hay fever? Artificial flowers are the way forward for you, as there is no pollen causing any allergic reactions. You wouldn’t want puffy running eyes on your wedding day!

One of the big bonuses of having artificial wedding flowers is that your flowers can be ordered and delivered within plenty of time before your big day. No stress, early deliveries. No need to worry if your florist is going to turn up on your wedding day or not, you will have them there ready!

Having a wedding abroad? Artificial wedding flowers are easily transportable as they can be packed to take with you. No need to worry about sorting a florist when you’re over there as you will already have them with you as you can pick your package right here! They are lightweight and will not get damaged. All artificial flowers have wires within the stems so that if they do move, all you have to do is tweak them and they will be as good as new!

You can make your bridal set as bespoke and individual as you like. Unlike fresh flowers, artificial flowers can have accessories put in them such as brooches, making the bridal set as Glam as you like! Go as crazy as you want whatever the colour, whether it be rainbow roses or pastel pinks it can be done! Bespoke forever lasting flowers are the new hype!