The perfect winter bride’s bouquet may include flowers such as amaryllis, anemones, roses, peonies and tulips. Together with foliage and fillers such as fern, Dusty miller, Holly and pine cones with a hint of berries.

Winter fresh flowers aren’t the easiest to come by and you will find it hard to find a florist that will be able to make your winter bridal bouquet in time for your wedding day. This is where Laura Elizabeth Floral Designs comes into it, our Artificial bouquets, last a life time are easy to come by can be created with plenty of time before your big day. Our flowers are available come rain come shine, whatever the season.

Here are some flower ideas:


he beautiful poinsettia has become a symbol of Christmas with its bright reds and green foliage. In actual fact the poinsettia isn’t a flower it is made up of layers of bracts’ these festive flowers would definitely brighten up any bridal bouquet.

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Christmas rose

The Christmas rose is a popular choice when it comes to bridal bouquets, with its white petals dashed with bright red, giving your winter bouquet a wild feel.


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Pine cones

Pine cones are a stunning way of resembling winter and Christmas into your bridal bouquet. Pine cones can be wired and used as a flower in your winter bridal bouquet, giving your bouquet the real sense of winter, add a sprinkle of sparkle and you are set to dazzle your way to the altar.

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The use of berries in your bridal bouquet is sure to create the look of winter in your bridal bouquet. Artificial berries are looking more and more realistic, no bursting and staining your dress. It is definitely the way forward in my eyes; I mean who wants and big red stain on their wedding dress? All colours and varieties can be ordered all throughout the year.

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